Relationships challenge, amaze, frustrate, satisfy, and captivate us.  Highs and lows are a normal part of growing together, but if it seems like in the lows, one or both of you, reach the point that you're worried for the future of the relationship, it may be time to talk.  

How Therapy Works

The ideal time to start therapy is when a partner feeling disengaged, dissatisfied, or neglected.  If left unaddressed, it may grow into a bigger problem, exemplified by disrespect, resentment, anger, and repetitive arguments, at this point its critical to resolving the underlying issues.

Therapy affords both partners a safe and supportive space that allows for open, honest, and sensitive communication, guided by a professional.  Partners benefit from a caring outside perspective rooted in the theory of the human personality and relationships.  Typically, the first stage is about reducing the conflict and building resiliency, the second is about how to use differences to grow yourself and your relationship, and finally, about blossoming into the future. Some specific goals we may have are compassionate communication, fair fighting, rebuilding intimacy and feelings of "being in love", better sex life, or transitioning to marriage while parenting.